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What do we offer

Traditional websites
A website does not need to be complicated if you just want to show some information and publish a blog post from time to time.
A custom made web application tailored to your needs. Wether for internal use or public use, anything is possible.
Headless websites
Websites for the next generation. Headless websites are incredibly fast and flexible due to the front-end being seperated from the back-end.
Next generation web apps

Headless web applications

We specialise in building headless websites. Headless websites are the next generation in web development.

Headless websites are decoupled from their back-end, hence head"less". This offers a lot of flexibility and speed. With techniques such as Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWA, your website will look and feel like a real app to your user and can be installed as an app on either a phone or desktop.

In order to create headless websites, we use DatoCMS as our go-to headless content management system and build our front-ends using React and NextJS.

NextJS logo (left) and DatoCMS logo (right)

Why a website is important

Be visible
What is the first thing you do when you hear a new name? Right, you search for the name on Google. Being online allows anyone across the globe to find your business.
Infinite reach
More than 3 billion people in the world are able to access the internet. This means anyone is able to find you and read about what you do.
Generate sales
A good looking and well optimised website will help you generate more sales than ever before.
You know you are reliable, but potential clients don't. Hence a website will help you to look reliable by providing information and previous cases you worked on.
Awesome people

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