No more stress

Why choose managed hosting?

Always online
You don't have to worry about keeping your website online. We will make sure your server will always be reachable from anywhere in the world.
We run automatic security updates to keep your server safe and sound. At all times we are making sure intruders will have a hard time trying to access your server.
Fast. Faster. Fastest.
We make use of the latest enterprise grade server hardware to make sure your website will be blazingly fast and responsive to keep your users happy.
Our monitoring is active 24/7 and will alert us in case anything goes wrong with your server or website. This means we can intervene quickly to prevent any downtime.
Redundancy and speed

Managed cluster hosting

Some projects we worked on receive over tens of thousands of requests every second. In order to handle a load like that we set up a custom API cluster using a VIP, HAProxy load balancers and multiple app servers to balance the load.

A redundant cluster setup improves speed and uptime, while it decreases the load as it is spread across multiple servers. In case one of those servers malfunctions, HAProxy redirects the traffic to a healthy server.

Interested in discussing a custom cluster set-up? Let's discuss the possibilities and applications for your project.

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