Next generation web apps

Headless websites

We specialise in building headless websites. Headless websites are the next generation in web development.

Headless websites are decoupled from their back-end, hence head"less". This offers a lot of flexibility and speed. With techniques such as Progressive Web Apps, also known as PWA, your website will look and feel like a real app to your user and can be installed as an app on either a phone or desktop.

In order to create headless websites, we use DatoCMS as our go-to headless content management system and build our front-ends using React and NextJS.

NextJS logo (left) and DatoCMS logo (right)
It's a lifestyle

Our approach

So you are tempted to challenge us to build your next website or app. What's next?

During each phase we are in close contact and are constantly asking for your feedback so you can be 100% satisfied with the final product.

Let's talk
Well, first things first: let's discuss your idea! We will have a chat about your goal and how we can help you with that. Once ready, we'll start working on a quote.
Awesome, you chose us! We'll start working on a technical and graphical design for your project so we are on the same page before we start the actual development.
The actual development process of your project has started. It will only be a matter of time until your project is reality.
And we're live!
Everything is done, we have put on the finishing touches and have your accord... which means your project is now live! Let's have a toast 🥂

Ready to challenge us?

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