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Mobile-first headless website for radiostation ZTACK

We have developed a headless website aimed at mobile use for the Dutch radiostation ZTACK. The website can also be installed as a PWA and feels like a real app. Focused on the young audience.

ZTACK Website Screenshot

Used techniques

Challenge completed

What we achieved

Optimised for mobile

A lot of effort has been put into optimising the website for mobile phones. The young audience is known for using their smartphones more often than a desktop.


By using the latest techniques, in this case VueJS and NuxtJS, we have developed a blazing fast website that really feels like a native app.

Native media integration

We have taken advantage of the modern MediaSession APIs available in the latest browsers. This makes it possible to show a player in the notifications of your phone, just like with Spotify.

More traffic

By ensuring that the SEO of the website is in order, we have been able to attract more visitors and therefore listeners to ZTACK.


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